Saturday, May 5, 2012

We Call Him Jesus by Joe Pace

We Call Him Jesus 

by Joe Pace 

 Key Db

Db Absusadd6 Gbadd6(b5) Fmin#5 Gbmaj9
We call him Je -

Gbmaj6 Gmin7 Ab maj Cmin#5 Db
sus, we call him Lord --

Bbmin#5 Abmaj Db Fmin#5 Gbadd96(b5) Gbmaj
-- He is the great I

Ddim6 Ebdim7 Absus add6 Absus Ab7 Absus
AM,______ He is our___

Chord change follow picture

Key D

We call Him, Master
we call Him, King
He is our Strong deliv'rer
He is our ___ God.

Key Eb

Jehovah Rahpa,
the Lord who heals:
He is the Lord Most High
He is our God.

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